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Guitar Legends blog offers to opportunity to work and team up with us via advertisement and also music promotion for bands or guitar players who want's to have an online exposure for their band.

Be an Ads of Semolo Rock's Site (Guitar Legends) :
If you want to advertise with us just contact us via this mail below to discuss about price, rates, ads placements, etc:

Or you can contact by Phone :
Home Phone : +6231 594 8232 or +6231 591 57 52
HP (Cell Phone) : +62856 4864 0864 or +6281 2168 0721

Music Promo :
There aren't many terms only for any bands or guitarist that want's us to help them promote any of their works or event, which is the will to go International. Any musicians that have the interest in becoming International artist and also currently established Internationals will be assisted with any and best possible ways that we can. Another thing is for bands, we are preferring those that have an exciting guitar player on their rooster, simply because it is a guitar based site

There are no fees charged or contract to be done, just mail us any event, music or anything that you want us to report, and how would you like us to write them. We will promote your stories in all over the world as we have world wide based readers. 

Aside for musicians, we would also love to have music companies, guitar companies or music school to work with as we will do our best to also promote them for free. However if you think we are worthy of any fees for promoting your music, gears, lesson or schools, you can always donate to help the site grow, to do that just click the "Donate" button widget on our site and share any amount that you feel adequate for our assistant. Again there are no terms our responsibility for you to give donation, as we truly want to help promote and support great music to live.

Our Banner Ads cost :
  • Banner Link (486x60) : $ 5 / month.
  • Banner Link (125x125) : $ 5 / month.
  • Banner Link (300x250) : $ 8 / month.
  • Banner Link (60x90) : $ 5 / month.
  • More than (300x250) : $ 10 / month.

Semolo Rock (Guitar Legend) Advertise List :

 Site Banner (486x60) $ 5 in a month               
 Site Banner (125x125) $ 5 in a month
 Site Banner (300x250)  $ 8 in a month
 Site Banner (60x90) $ 5 in a month

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