Richie Kotzen "24 Hours" Review Plus Videos

Having the gig venue being replaced in around four days before the already scheduled date(October 23), is obviously an annoying experience for Richie Kotzen especially since it was Kotzen's New CD Release Party concert.

Since the date was already set, the guitar maestro moved the concert place from the House of Blues to Paladino still in the same date and moreover with the similar musical quality just as RK always provides.

Some good quality clips from that CD Release Party concert have already emerged on the net, so for those who didn't have the chance in watching it or even noticing about the concert could hear what's the new album was about. The New CD's title is "24 Hour", it's also the title track for one of the songs, which all are pretty kick ass, which kinda surprised me a bit as it kinda reminds me a bit of "Go Faster" record rather than Kotzen's latest two-three outings.

The Bluesy sound blended with that Rock element is pretty much what you'll be getting from the record along with the virtuoso guitar solos which Richie never seemed to ditch despite his departure from the so called more Guitar Heroes type of record. Another interesting that I noticed on the new album is his atonal scat singing in some parts of his songs, which is always cool, I know it's not uncommon from Kotzen but hearing in pretty much almost all of the tracks kinda feel refreshing.

Aside from some of the live videos that you can check, RK is actually kind enough to introduces the whole tracks on his official site for well, free showing. Yup, I don't know till when but obviously after checking em out you guys should really purchased the new album as it's clearly one of the best record that Kotzen ever made until now. Such a lovely voice, composition, guitar solos, it's a sort of rockin bluesy songs along with the usual bluesy-balladish ear catching stuffs would put your mood swings in a lovely way.

Here are some of the live videos (playing the new songs) which I can get my hands on:

"24 Hours"

"Help Me"

I'll try to update it each time but you can check the whole tracks on Richie's official site, do it as soon as possible, cause you'll never now until when it stays there. once again it's a definitely a must heard for RK fans and also other bluesy-rock lovers out there..Get ready to be Kotzened for "24 Hours". cheeers

written by Dewa Nugraha


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