Video: Steve Vai Explains His "GuitarTV' Site

An interesting guitar site emerged to the scene recently, it was named "guitartv.com", already checked on it and it does look very exciting indeed, well obviously since the mastermind behind new web is the legend himself, Steve Vai.

Explaining about his reason in creating Guitartv, Vai said in an interview at Musician Institute, that it's one of his long time dream since maybe before he even started playing guitar (can't really know whether it's true or not, since Steve pretty much jokes around a lot )

Moreover, Steve also added that the GuitarTV site that shows streaming videos from inspirational guitarists along with short bio also links about their new records, gears, etc can hopefully provides inspiration for young guitar players or even all guitar players in keep playing their instrument. The guitar maestro in short stated that the new site is a sort of educational tool that help guitar heads in terms of inspiring them, not only that the web also contains performances from all kinds of music genres and everything is about guitar.

"guitartv is an educational tool, in the sense that whenever you see somebody doing something you could never imagine it's inspiring. Whenever you see somebody that inspires you, it will broaden your horizons. It gives you the incentive to achieve more than what you're capable of achieving," Steve said.

Complete words from Steve Vai about the GuitarTV site can be viewed on the video below:

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