Martin Guitar's Headstock Becomes The Company'sTrademark

Just received an interesting information that should probably be more of a use for Acoustic Guitars manufacturers out there as from now on they might need to pay more attention on creating the headstock for their product as a classic design originated by Martin Guitars have become an exclusive right from now on.

This news was officially announced by the company themselves, via their official website and also from personal email send directly to my personal address, just recently.

Stating the reason for the trademarking of the headstock, the company's vice president, corporate operations, Gregory Paul, the item was pretty much a well known characteristic from Martin guitar's acoustic product for years now. So the guitar company believes that an attempt to copy the specific work of art could be resulting in making a confusion in the market, leading the customers in buying their not actually looking for.

“The clean, simple, iconic shape of the Martin guitar's headstock has long been recognized by consumers as one of the primary identifying brand and design elements of our guitars,”Said Gregory Paul “Use of this shape by others can only be intended to create confusion in the marketplace.”

Considering the company's long year or servant in the guitar manufacturing world (in the range of 175 years), it's pretty much understandable that they want to mark their territory further more. In those long years, the distinctive headstock itself have become an iconic property of Martin Guitar for 161 years, so by that time, the decided to register the design to the U.S. gov and it is now being protected by U.S. Trademark Registration No. 3,048,307.

So, any of you new local guitar manufacturers, just pay a close attention on the headstock pick that I've posted in this news just to make you aware of the possible violation you're doing. In any case just try to ask for more info for the headstock thing add this mail address: Gregory Paul, P.O. Box 329, Nazareth, PA 18064-0329.
any email regarding this matter could be made from the Martin Guitar's site or just email me and I'll make sure to send them through. Cheers!!

posted by Dewa Nugraha


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