Kirk Hammet: Metallica Already Thinking Of New Album

's guitarist, Kirk Hammet reveals that his band haven't started working on new materials as just yet as everything is still pretty much on their mind at the moment, although the guitar hero predicted that they might finished something in the end of October. Kirk explained about that news to Gibsonguitar's reporter, Shawn Fernandez, adding that he and his band might be performing the new songs at their upcoming concert in India, sometime in October.

Moreover, Kirk Hammet also stated that their hectic schedule is the main reason why they haven't managed to work out the time needed to start the new album process as something always comes up before anything could happen. However, the guitar master do believe that when the time is right, the new album will eventually finish without much problem, just like it's always have.

"As far as new material is concerned we're just now starting to think about writing new material. I guess if anything is going to be finished between now and the end of October," Kirk explained. "There's just a bunch of other things that we're doing right now. We keep telling ourselves that we're going to get 'round to start writing songs but, you know, something comes up."

It would definitely be interesting to see whether Metallica are indeed already close in working on their new stuffs and will it really arrives in October, as it would be a good thing for their die hard fans. In that interview, Kirk also revealed the story that has been told many times, about his student-teacher thing with guitar legend, Joe Satriani, stating that Joe really likes jamming with the Metallica axeman.

"I could tell that Joe really liked playing with me because we would always play longer than the allotted time," Kirk hammet added.

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