Ibanez Launched Steve Vai's 'Euphoria'

Ibanez's Acoustic guitar can't get classier with Steve Vai joining in the market by unleashing his own signature series the "Euphoria", a lovely product that should catch they eye especially with the classic flower pattern fret.

From the official description that Ibanez guitar revealed, Euphoria, that will supposedly goes shipping this month, have two models, the EP5BP and EP10BP.

The two products have a basic similar features such as a thin body, Engleman Spruce Top Mahogany Neck and Black Pearl High Gloss Finish, which makes it black and easy on the eye. As for the basic difference, well, physically the EP10 have the custom tree of life inlay in the fretboard while the EP5 have a VAI signature inlay placed on the 12th Fret.

Personally from the physical appearances, the EP10 looks more appealing especially for any Vai fans out there because it pretty much capture Steve's basic shape with the "Tree of Life" inlay. However, both of them notably possessed the same quality specs that won't let any of the buyers down as Steve himself noted,

"The new Euphoria is made to be sleek, thin, with a large acoustic sound. Its size gives it a bright crisp tone that allows it to sit on top of the mix,"

Pretty much an interesting option for any guitar lovers, or collectors out there, or maybe any players that are looking for a fine acoustic guitar that they can get their hands on. Euphoria does offers an appealing piece that worth looking for, especially being it's a Steve Vai product, that have a strong appeal in world wide music watchers.

posted by Dewa Nugraha


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  1. always wanted to collect the songs and guitar owned steve vai


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