Dream Theater To Get 'Dramatic Turn' On September

Having already got the replacement for the departed Mike Portnoy with Mike Mangini's arrival, Dream Theater already on their way to release their latest album titled 'A Dramatic Turn Of Events', which is scheduled to hit the market on September 13th via Roadrunner Records.

All the tracks are supposedly done since the band have already announced the track list, but just like their guitarist, John Petrucci, said, the record are going into the mixing zone.

Promoting the new record, Petrucci, who also produced the "A Dramatic Turn Of Events", promised the fans that the songs from the upcoming outing is all amazing and the devotees should really checked em out. Meanwhile, Keyboardist, Jordan Rudess, stated that the album represent all of the band's energy and spirit that was a reflection from the recent events that the band members are having.

"I'm incredibly psyched with the way this album came out and can't wait to share it with everybody,We are currently in the mix stage with the great Andy Wallace and it's all sounding amazing!" Petrucci said.

"We have poured our hearts and minds into the creation of this album," Jordan Ruddes added. "All the life changing events that surrounded us before, as well as during the whole process, fueled our desire to dig deep within ourselves and create the best music we possibly could."

Surely for many die hard Dream Theater fans, the waits is to hear how Mike Mangini could blend his playing style into the band considering the time that the Progressive Metal act usually had with Portnoy. Mangini, who is a well renown drummer, have his own playing style that obviously will add some different characteristic compared to the previous drummer.

Personally, I haven't been following several of DT's latest outings, but I do hope with Mangini's addition they could once again provide an interesting record that can quenched thirst of many Dream Theater devotees out there. The new record itself will have 9 tracks, and definitely expect some crazy long musical minutes on the record, just like the Progressive Act always offers.

'A Dramatic Turn of Events' Track Listing:

1. On the Backs of Angels

2. Build Me Up, Break Me Down

3. Lost Not Forgotten

4. This is the Life

5. The Shaman’s Trance

6. Outcry

7. Far From Heaven

8. Breaking All Illusions

9. Beneath The Surface

posted by Dewa Nugraha

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  1. My favorite band of all time, his songs inspire me a lot


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