Videos: Greg Howe Live In Russia

Haven't been around in quite a while, got into a little bit hectic kind of situation lately so here I go back in providing the latest news about music, guitars, guitarist and all of those connected with it.

Here are some of the latest videos I've received from Greg Howe's Youtube site, two live performances that he did with Stu Hamm and Dennis Chambers in Russia, that were staged on early May.

There are two clips that Greg posted on his Youtube channel, the first one was "Bird's Eye View" and the other one was pretty much my all time fave from Greg, "Kick It All Over". Listening to the latter brings me back to that old high school days and early college time when I listened to that track a lot, along with other sensational guitar shredding records.

Always nice to hear the fine guitar song being played live, although surely improvisation is something that were visible on the video, still the main part of the track still remain the same. Birds Eye View also provides an interesting jazzy-fusion stuff that you can hear from Greg's latest outings, surely another excellent piece of entertainment for instrumental music fans especial guitar heads out there.

For Your Late enjoyment here are the clips:

Greg Howe's "Birds Eye View"

Greg Howe's "Kick It All Over"

additional news: Greg along with Dennis and Stu will be performing another show together on August 3 in Italy, so any guitar lovers that lives in the country or happened to have a chance in visiting there do stop by at Monteroduny. The three super musicians will be playing at the Eddie Lang Festival and aside from the show, Greg Howe will also do several clinics during the festivals, which is scheduled on August 1,2 and 4.

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