Special Mr. Big plus Richie Kotzen Show Set To Burn Taiwan

Haven't been around for quite a while, but now I'm back with a very pleasant news for Mr. Big fans in Asia especially those that live in Taiwan as latest reports from the band's Facebook site stated that there will be a special performance in the country.

The thing that makes it special is the news that the concert, that scheduled to be held at FCU Sport Center on May 4, the original Mr. Big line up will be added with a special appearance from one of their former member, Richie Kotzen.

Personally, if this scheduled concert will definitely a special show that should not be missed as the collaboration of Paul and Richie on stage would cost a whole lot of electrifying energy. The whole music act minus, Eric Martin, have actually collaborated back in 2008 just before the original Mr. Big line up decided to reunite and it was already a wonderful thing to witness.

Paul, Billy, Richie, and Pat were jamming at one of the Guitar Generation gig that involves both Guitar Virtuosos along with George Lynch. They were playing one cover song that Mr. Big played at one of their most notable live show at San Fransico few years ago, which called "30 Days In The Hole", watching the clip gave me goosebumps back than when the band haven't reunite as just yet.

Surely this upcoming gig in Taiwan would provide tons of excitement for the fans there as not only Mr. Big always put out a special performance for the audience, Richie's addition to the gig should provide an extra push for the show. However, I'm still curious on whether RK would only play with the band or put out his own show as well. Either way this is something that really excites me and I do hope that they can do this kind of collaborative act more often, off course with Richie's own busy schedule things must be set in order as well but it's obviously a special thing that should be done often.

Here is some important info about the scheduled Mr. Big plus Richie Kotzen show in Taiwan:
MR.BIG Live In Taichung supporting act by RICHIE KOTZEN

Show Time:2011 May 4 Wednesday, 7:00PM to 10:00PM
Location:FCU Sports Center
Ticket Information:

Early Bird Ticket Price for VIP Area (Separated from Rock B Area)
$ 3,200 for 100 fans only [Original Price $3600]
(VIP Area: Priority Admission、Mr.Big Autograph Calendar Poster、Mr.Big Exclusive Limited Photo Brochure)

VIP Area Tickets only sold in WalkiE Ticket, Metal Gate & Rock Empire Website

Early Bird Ticket Price for Rock A Area (with VIP Area)
$ 2,400 for 300 fans only [Original Price $2800]

Early Bird Ticket Price for Rock B Area (after Rock A Area)
$ 1,800 for 300 fans only [Original Price $2200]

Early Bird Ticket Price for Balcony Area
$ 1,200 for 300 fans only [Original Price $1600]

※Early Bird Price is offered until March 31th. Ticket Price will be changed to the original price either after April or Early Bird Tickets are sold out.

More info will be added as soon as possible, aside from this show the band will also staged few other concerts in all around the globe. However, this Taiwan gig is the one that currently staged along with Richie Kotzen as the special support act, so it's definitely a must see.
Oh this tour is in support of their new album "What If" that has been released in Japan and Europe, and should hit the U.S. this month


written by Dewa Nugraha

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