Neil Zaza Annonced Album's Release Concert

Just as many guitar heads might already knew, Melodic guitar hero, Neil Zaza, has just released his latest instrumental piece titled "212", dropped in February 14 world wide. Celebrating that new record release, Neil has already prepared a special gig a as part of his promo which will be held on April 15, 2011 at the Kent Stage, Kent Ohio.

The new record itself contained around 11 tracks in total, including two bonus songs that should really give a more entertaining element for all melodic guitar lovers all around the world. Samples of the songs can be tune in on Neil's official reverbnation page, personally most of the new songs are very enjoyable just as many of the guitar maestro's previous stuffs.

Songs such as "Magnus 212", "King Of The World", "Is This Wonderland", etc will definitely blow your mind especially those guitar lovers that loved melodic instrumental stuffs. Personally, I think you don't need to be a guitar heads to really enjoy the songs from Neil's new album as it's so melodic that it would just get on your head and heart, simply mind blowing stuffs again.

Pretty much a good hear that will make you excited about watching the performance live, as the show would definitely be special since it's being staged at Neil's home town. Another unique thing that the guitar maestro added for the upcoming concert is pricing the ticket at $21.20 which is pretty much resembling the album title "212", that is inspired by Neil's special feelings for the number.

Just like the guitarist mentioned on his official blog, the reason he named the album "212" is mainly because his special connection with the 212 number that has been "accompanying" his journey for years. From discovering the number at the hotel, cashier, clock or even Studio, Neil Zaza then decided to dedicate his special bond with the number on his new record that really is an enjoyable melodic instrumental piece.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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