Guitar Lesson: Practicing Mixolydian Scale (Modes)

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Learning Modes is something that has been a common practice for today's guitarists as getting to know it provides lots of creative input that can help your practice more interesting and exciting. Picking up from many interest in practicing this scale, I provide an interesting study about the Mixolydian scale which is part of the Modes derived from the basic Major Scale progression which saw the fifth note being used as the root.

Understanding the Mixolydian

Just as I explained above, Mixolydian scale is actually one of the ways to play the Major scale in a different root thus creating a new scale that can be used in improvising your guitar playing albeit playing the scale in it's basic root actually doesn't make much different. Making this explanation much more simpler, I'll take the C Major chord as the basic root, a Mixolydian mode from the C Major means playing the fifth note(the G note) as the root.

So a G Mixolydian is actually playing the C Major scale from the G note which won't actually sound that different if you are playing C Major as the basic chord, however should you try to play the G Mixolydian in a G Major chord it would sound much more interesting. Surely the Mixolydian part can be derived from any basic Major keys as the basic is making the fifth not as the root, but if some of you are still confuse basically the interval for playing a Mixolydian scale is 1—1—½--1--1--½--1.

As samples of the Scale's usage, here's some video lessons that I just picked up from the net with samples from Gary Hoey, Vinnie Moore, etc that will provide you some basic usage of Mixolydian scale or explaining Modes. Check this videos out for some more depth knowledge about applying this scale into any of your playing, solos, or whatever that you feel interesting.

Gary Hoey Mixolydian Scale Lesson:

Here's another interesting lesson that I happened to stumble over (it's playing with D Major Chord as it's basic Chord)

Here's an interesting Modes Lesson from Vinnie Moore including providing the basic of Mixolydian Scale as well:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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