Mr. Big Premiered New Clip, To Release New Album in 2011

Reunited rock quartet, Mr. Big kept their promise in staying together and releasing a new album as the rockers have just unleashed a new music video earlier this week which is a representation of their new single "Undertow". The new clip was a bit similar to their latest outing, "Next Time Around" as the latest one also shown the band playing the song without using any models or much story background.

The song has a bit similar vibe to Mr. Bigs rock thingy such as temperamental,unnatural, and view other similar styling as it's not a ballad or fully technical stuffs such as "Colorado Bulldog", "Green Tinted Sixties Mind" or "Addicted to that Rush". It's a fun thing although maybe not as catchy as some of the bands previous works that are much remembered by many of their die hard fans, but it still possessed that bit of that Mr. Big element on it.

The good part is that "Undertow" won't be the only song on the new album that is being titled "What If" and set to be released in January 21 2010. Another song that could be among the 12 track is a single called "Stranger In My Life", which was played in a Q & A session on November 17 in London, England.

Listening to the rawness of "Undertow" makes me wonder of what kind of surprises that Mr. Big still have in store as I am starting to imagine would they go all wild like their previous 2-3 albums or tone down a bit like their records after Bump Ahead. The return of the band have already caused a moment of madness back than as the Internet world seemed to explode in finding the news of Mr. Big, so the upcoming new record will definitely has a special place in the music society.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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