Jason Becker To Launch New Documentary Movie

Guitar legend, Jason Becker, who is known for his short spell of virtuosity in the performing guitar world due to his ALS syndrome that took away his ability to do normal things and especially playing guitar.

However, the legend amazingly shrug off all of that troubles and until today still makes music even with the disabilities his having.

This classic story of Jason's spirit and dedication to music is not a new thing for lots of guitar heads, however some people may still miss the chance of knowing the guitar maestro. For that purpose, some exciting people in the music world and also movie realm are working on a special project to release an official documentary movie of Jason's life that will be made by a special team.

In order to finish the project at the moment, at the moment the team are collecting funds to make this upcoming special documentary that will be filled with lots of special footage of Jason's playing career including the never been seen ones off course. The funds are expected to come from all of you Jason's fans all over the world as a special stuffs are set to be given for the help that you'll give, starting from the very minimum 5$ anyone can donate something for the legendary guitarist project.

Should you are interested in helping to make this movie project come true just enter Indiegogo site and join the cause plus read all of the details being posted there. According to the site, this upcoming Documentary movie is being prepared to start all production in late November 2010 with just some small teams being assembled to finish the special movie that will give more knowledge about one of the most inspirational guitarists and musicians that have ever lived.

Here is a short clip of the upcoming movie's promo:

'Perpetual Burn: The Story of Jason Becker' from Jason Becker: Perpetual Burn on Vimeo.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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