Richie Kotzen Re-Mixed "You Can't Save Me"

Having some spare time to fool around can be used to do lots of new stuffs, just like what Richie Kotzen did lately or maybe his friends as the guitar virtuoso introduce a remix version of his "You Can't Save Me". The new version adds a dance mixture that puts your mind on some club as it is a sort of DJ re-mix version, which sound well pretty okay if you're in to that kind of music, although I kinda likes it even I am not a party freak.

From what I can get out of RK's statement, this remix version was interpreted by ’Clarence Jey’ and ‘Steve McLeod’, well here is a quote from the guitarist's official site regarding this new version. "Listen to the new Re-Mix of the Richie Kotzen song ‘You Can’t Save Me’ interpreted by the Australian talents of ’Clarence Jey’ and ‘Steve McLeod’This is being offered as a ‘Free’ download. By clicking the down arrow on the mp3 player below and selecting source the content will be downloaded onto your desktop! We encourage all club dj’s to feel free in adding this to your playlist!" the website read.

Just as you read it's a free stuff, so it won't hurt to download it and give a heard as although you don't like any dance music, you could see another version of RK's music. So if you, Kotzen fans would like to see how the guitar maestro sounds like if he's in the same business with those house music artist out there, this re-mix is a must hear item, check it out at RK's official site. Just remember don't expect any soulful vibe or just a bit of his guitar virtuosity on this one, cause you'll only have that head shaking beat that might be annoying for some crazy guitar heads.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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