Guthrie Govan and Alex Hutchings' Master Class by Rotosound

Two exciting guitar masters, Guthrie Govan and Alex Hutchings will embrace and share their guitar virtuosity to music lover, guitar heads who have the time to catch them at the upcoming Cheltenham Guitar Festival 2010, which will start from July 26 to August 6. Guthrie and Alex's arrival at the event is pretty much being the help and work of their sponsors Rotosound, that have proudly announce their artists to this site via official press release email.

According to Rotosound, the two guitar virtuosos will be providing two different classes for the students or visitors, Guthrie will be giving an Open Master Class while Alex is set to share his knowledge on the Jazz Rock Master Class. Both should be an interesting classes that you should attend, if you have the time and chance as not only those two guitarist surely there will be other exciting virtuosos that provide exciting lessons.

For more info about the Cheltenham Guitar Festival 2010 you can just log in at their official site and dig everything that you want to know about this exciting event organized by the International Guitar Festival. This event has been a successful summer school kind of Guitar lessons that provide all of the amazing knowledge for guitar heads, music enthusiast and any people that have the interest on it.

About Guthrie and Alex, well for those who haven't been familiar with this two amazing talent, I can assure you guitar heads and practicing musicians that the two are exceptional virtuosos. So, getting exclusive lessons from them would be a special experience that surely broaden our knowledge in playing guitar.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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