Firehouse feat Neil Zaza Live Concert 2010

Haven't been around lately due too my appointment with the World Cup, well finally I have the time to share some exciting music things for you guys. For those music fans that haven't heard about Firehouse recent Asian tour, well I can tell you that they just had a pretty long tour in countries such as Indonesia and Singapore.

The band was not actually in full flight as they are not joined by their frontman and guitarist Bill Leverty who according to the band's official site was unable to fly because of family reasons. However, the thrill is still there as the rockers taps a virtuoso guitar player, Neil Zaza to play on the tour, the results? Well you can judge for yourself on the videos that I posted below.

It's a bit funny in seeing the band live without Bill, although I know Neil and watched him live more than once, a nice guy and a fantastic guitarist indeed, but I was practically hoping to see Bill as I haven't heard a lot from him lately. As some of you might knew, we at Guitar Legends have a nice relationship with Bill who has been providing great interviews, access to his solo albums and other amazing stuffs, that's why I really want to catch him live.

Another minus thing that I learn is on the way the organizer, plan the tour in Indonesia, in some cities there haven't been a clear information about ticketing and everything. Overall, I can say the promotion is not balance as you got some people that can't really have an access on how and where the shows will be held, not to mention it's World Cup days. Well enough of my rambling here are some cool clips from Firehouse's latest tour that I accidentally bump in. Enjoy!!!!!

written by Dewa Nugraha

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