Chris Borederick's New Guitar Lesson (Video)

Just running into a great guitar lesson video the other day, which is Megadeth's Chris Broderick exciting showcase on the Internet. The six minute plus video comes from Guitar World and sees Chris playing tons of interesting and amazing solo licks which incorporated virtuoso skills such as sweeping, tapping and other cool stuffs.

From the short clip streamed, I had a very very interesting input about how to incorporate right hand techniques for guitar playing as Chris doesn't only gives an example but also provide a clear information about it. Never really knew that he had such a great right hand tech, very clean, compose and exciting playing from the Megadeth' axeman.

Another interesting aspect explained by Chris on the clip is the usage of an interesting special thumb pick that he uses for playing, the pick is somehow attacked on his thumb and it pretty much allows him more space to work out his right hand. The guitar virtuoso also explained that the special pick also helps him develop a much more comfortable picking techniques that allows him to use more of his wrist than before.

Here is the exciting clip of Chris Broderick's guitar lesson, Enjoy:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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