Video: Steve Vai Playing and Revealing "The Moon and I" Riffs

A new interesting video streamed by guitar legend Steve Vai, not so long ago showing some cool warm up stuffs that he did and also short explanation about the riffs he worked on his latest single "The Moon and I". The clip was kinda shot in a candid sort of way as it saw Steve's employee named Andy shooting the guitar master while trying out his new camera.

In the earlier part of the clip, Andy showed scenes of Steve doing some fingering warm ups, doing some hammer on pull offs, legato and all of that usual technical warm up thing that guitar heads would do at home. From the middle part of the video, the guitar maestro spend some time to chat with Andy and talk about the riffs he did for "The Moon and I".

The former Whitesnake axeman, showed some of the cool riffs that he's been doing on the new single and explain the methods of performing it to Andy, showing a bit off his technical knowledge to every guitar heads out there. As always Steve used the whammy bar a lot even in the riff sections as he stated, that he wanted to make a melodic sounded riffs.

It sounded well, Steve Vai kinda thing, if you're a guitar freak and listen to his songs, you'll just figure out the master's style. Still is, its always fun seeing a guitar virtuoso such as Steve sharing his of knowledge for many fans without any real barrier and just having fun.

Just check this cool video out :

written by Dewa Nugraha

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