Tony MacAlpine To Hit the Stage With Vinnie Moore

An Interesting event seem set to arrive in New Plymouth, New Zealand as the G-Taranaki International Music fest will start in August, making the event much more entertaining is the fact that two guitar virtuosos, Tony MacAlpine and Vinnie Moore who confirmed their appearance there. The news was revealed via Tony's official MySpace page and it pretty much lifted my interest as the Planet X guitarist, reveals of a unique collaboration that he will perform with Vinnie at the Music Fest.

On his MySpace page, Tony stated that he will perform more than once on August 14, playing two instruments guitar and keyboards, the two instruments that have been so attached with the guitar master in the few years. The Planet X guitarist will be playing the keyboards when he plays with Vinnie on stage, while after that he will pick up his guitar and shred it out along with HAIL.

Those two upcoming performances looks really set becoming a badass show that many music lovers should not missed as despite playing the keyboards, Tony and Vinnie would probably gives an attractive musical show on stage. As many might knew that Tony has had a handful of professional experience playing the keyboards, especially his time helping out Steve Vai on Steve's solo tour and G3 shows back than.

Not only playing with Hail and Vinnie, Tony also stated that he will also jamm with other musicians that will also perform at the festival such as Jennifer Batten, Slash and Uli Jon Roth. That line up would pretty much another insurance the quality of the fest, and surely you should really hit the event if you have the chance. Info about the Taranaki festival can be viewed at this site

written by Dewa Nugraha

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