Richie Kotzen Premiered "Larger Than Life" New Music Video 2010

In the middle of his busy tour schedule, guitar virtuoso, Richie Kotzen still have the time to further promote his latest album by unleashing a new music video for his latest single "Larger Than Life". The new clip has been worked for sometime now and on June 8, Richie via his official YouTube page (Headroominc) premiered the new video and it actually received a pretty good viewers already.

The new clip is the second one made for Richie's new album "Peace Sign" as previously the guitarist already streamed a clip for the records' first single titled "Paying Dues". For the new video, RK looks to make it more serious compared to the first one by adding a bit story concept and some female models on it, not to mention the "Larger Than Life" video is being directed by Steven Lyon not by the former Poison guitarist himself.

For the most part, the video looks like trying to picture out the meaning of the song lyrics as it sees Richie and his partner (either wife of girlfriend you can figure out for yourself) just sharing the romantic and seductive moments together. Aside the romantically artistic scene, the clip also shown parts of RK singing and recording the track in the studio with his bandmates before at the end of the clip, his girlfriend(wife) and some other girls accompanied the guitar master and his band members in the studio.

Just check out this cool and amazing music video:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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