Orianthi Guitar Lessons : Playing "According To You"

An exciting video was streamed by Guitar World earlier this week showing a cool interview and guitar lesson from female guitar wonder Orianthi playing one of her song titled "According To You". The video streamed on Guitar World's official channel is just part of the original Interview and lesson clip made by the guitar site n magazine that's available at their official website.

In the early part of the short video, you can actually see an interesting interview about Orianthi's past, favorites and all of that stuff that might interest guitar heads of her fans. After the short Q&A, the rock guitar chick started to show the chord, riffs and solos that she did on "According To You", from that short showing you can pretty much acknowledge her guitar playing skills that obviously looks awesome.

There were some exciting guitar techniques that Orianthi showed on the video and really hit me, the hammer on and pulls of are really really good it pretty much captured the strength and the tone of her playing is just perfect. Surely this short video is very interesting, and the full clip would definitely be something worth watching, although Orianthi doesn't really give the kind of guitar lesson that many would expect it is still a cool thing to watch.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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