Choosing The Right Music College for Your Music Studies

For young practicing musicians who have the desire to study music seriously, taking a step further on their music education after finishing high school often being considered as the best option to improve their musicality. One of the choices to fulfill that ambition is getting into universities or institutes that have a music major that suits your own preferences, as there are many options that you can choose especially if you're living in the U.S. However, mainly there are two types of music education that people can choose, a regular university with music major and a full-time music institute/college. Some example of the regular universities are, the University of Redlands, Columbia University, Ithaca College, and many other that you can find near your living area. Meanwhile, some examples of the full music school are the likes of, Musicians Institute, Berklee College of Music, Julliard School, Manhattan School of Music, etc.

The main difference of those two type of college is that at the regular university, you will get a bigger environment because the music faculty is just part of the college's academic department and there are other faculties which means you can meet people with different major and goals. Meanwhile, on a specified music college, you will pretty much meet people with the same interest and goals in becoming a better musicians. Surely that conditions have their own pluses and minuses, but it's all depends on your own preferences, which suits you more, being in a plural environment around people with different mind set or hanging around with fellow practicing musicians. Moreover, another difference from those two type of music college can also be seen on the educational system which are clearly different, for instance if we compare the University of Redlands School of Music and Musicians Institute's course catalogs there would be some differences in terms of the subjects being given as the two college have different approach and system.

As an example, if you decide to go to Redlands University and choosing its music faculty the subjects that you'll be getting will mostly about the basic music knowledge such as composing, learning the basic of all instruments, etc. Meanwhile, in Musicians Institute you will get the opportunity to learn things much more specific such as learning about one instruments only such as getting in depth knowledge about playing guitar. However, surely both have an equally quality education that will help their students achieving their dream and goal as professional musicians. Overall, whatever options that you may choose if you are serious in getting a better education and aiming to make a living with music, studying at a music college is indeed an advisable option as not only you can get the knowledge needed but you can also get in touch with professional people in the music field.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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