Video: Vernon Neilly Talks About Seymour Duncan Pick Ups and Pedal

One of the coolest thing about become a professional musician such is when you got yourself an endorsement deal from renown music company and that that was pretty much what guitarist Vernon Neilly suggested on his video streamed on YouTube. The guitar player reveals how he got hooked up with Seymour Duncan stating that it all because of an advice from a friend that leads him in trying out the pick up and finally getting the endorsement.

Getting the endorsement doesn't only allows you to get stuffs from the company but you also get the opportunity to choose or even design the perfect pick up that suits your guitar and personal sounding. This surely what Neil reveal on his video on how he finally get the perfect gear for his guitar that makes him able to get the sound he always wanted.

Not only that aside from pick ups another nice thing from being endorsed is you would also get an offer to try out other products from the company and if you like it surely you can use them too. One of the product from Seymour Duncan that Neilly also try out is the Duncan's pedal, that he feels the channels helps him getting the most out of his pick ups in terms of producing a great sound.

In the end, surely getting endorsement is one of the coolest thing that every musician would love to have as it helps them a lot especially with the fact they can get lots of nice products, design the perfect one for them and maybe even getting payed because promoting the products they are using. So when you're starting your step in the music business be sure to let musical instruments company to know your works, don't be shy in sending your stuffs as getting support is one of the thing that makes you keep on going in difficult times.

Video of Vernon Neilly Talking about Seymour Duncan:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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