Video: Steve Vai Special Guitar Session Invitation

An exciting news arrives from Guitar Legend, Steve Vai as from his latest video the guitar master revealed that he will be giving a chance for you to join his special program with guitar center. The program that, Steve plans to do is giving a chance for 10 lucky guitar players for a special session with him at L.A. where the guitar master will be providing all of his guitar knowledge with the 10 lucky person.

According to Steve, he will not only give guitar tips and tricks but also talk about things such as his new guitar model and also an insight to the music industry. If you want to experience this chance it wont be easy as surely with 10 winners there will be tough competition as Steve will be picking contestants based on the video they uploaded on the publicrecord site.

You can pretty much see more of the contest rules at the site and just try to be sure that you're ready for any competition not to mention remembering that this contest will most likely bee seen by Steve himself, so if you're a guitarist you surely doesn't want to put out an embarrassing videos. Surely if you win it would be great to hang out with the guitar maestro and off course if you are picked into one of the ten lucky guitar players, you can be sure that you're playing is top notch well at least according to Steve.

Here is the Video of Steve's Guitar Center Quiz just check em up:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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