Video: George Lynch Unveil His New Guitars

An interesting clip from guitar legend George Lynch being streamed via his official myspace page, the clip sees George introducing his new guitar model, which is surely something exquisite and unique for guitar lovers out there. The model reminds you of those exciting metal Jackson style (flying V) with the addition of some interesting design on its body that pretty much shows the guitarist personal style.

The guitar that George made is called the Head Hunter guitar made from all mahogany and with lots of the items are the things George loves a lot such as his old guitar pickups that he usually used during his Dokken days. More exact details about this fine looking guitar can be seen on the video below, as all I can say I am amazed with the stuff that the legend design it's just so cool.

As we know the fact that George has that big crush on art surely makes the guitar design so artistic and fun to watch and off course play, that's pretty much the effect of having a cool designed guitar as it should really makes you stand out on stage. It looks like the former Dokken guitarist is heading for that route and surely if you are someone who loves to be a stand out, this exciting piece that the guitar master designs would be something worth checking out.

George Lynch's New Guitar:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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