Steve Morse Talks About Touring Experience

Being on the road for musicians surely bring lots of interesting, exciting and even off experience that will make them remember the time they had at the specific country, this kind of feel is also what Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse felt during his recent tour with the band. Through the band's official news letter Steve talks about the experience and his feeling about his latest visit to Asia and Australia, the guitarist revealed all of his feeling and conditions at those places.

Speaking about the cities he and his band visited, Steve reveals and interesting stuff about most Asian cities such as Taipei and Hongkong, saying that he do have some adaptability issue regarding the food there. However, the guitar master was more than pleased in seeing the enthusiasm of Asian music fans in watching their shows. "The audience in Taipei was incredible, very energetic! We just arrived in Hong Kong, and you just can't imagine the immensity of high rise buildings on top of hills, everywhere, Steve talks about the experience he felt in some Asian cities.

Meanwhile, about the band's concert in Australia, the guitar maestro also reveals his experience at the continent saying, "Australia was a blur, I think I was still trying to get over the change of day to night, and then we were gone. It was better than last time, I think, and it felt like a good result for all." Moreover, Steve also talks about the meeting he had with some friends there stating, "A guitarist that I met years ago at a Guitar Player guitar concert, Nathan Cavaleri, sat in with us, and played very well, as I expected. I touched base with Living Loud bassist Bob Daisley, and we made plans to finish the tunes we started."

Surely that were some nice and common experience that guitar players or any other musicians pretty much had as surely getting to know knew areas, countries and meet new people are pretty much the fun part of touring. Although there's always the troubling part such as jet leg, tiredness, and food that doesn't suit you, still when you manage to finish your show and get a warm welcome from the crowd is pretty much the highlight of your tour.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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