Rusty Cooley Unleashed His New Band

After wondering for sometime about Rusty Cooley's project, the guitar virtuoso came up with an interesting news by revealing his new band titled Day Of Reckoning which consist of three other members, Eric Lauer (vocals), Matt Smith (drums) and Andretti Medina (guitars). Rusty's new band showcase snippet of their upcoming songs via their official MySpace page music widget, in which you can here samples of some of the bands tracks.

According to Rusty himself of his official newsletter mailed to this site, the songs were pretty much demo material that could be on course for the band's debut album. However there hasn't been any confirmation or details about the demo songs as Rusty only stated that the snippet are demo tracks without any titles explaining them.

Listening to the tracks, surely you can pretty much hear that Rusty will be going the Metal route with some of the grind vocals that pretty much heard in all of the tracks. Interesting enough for those metal music maniac that enjoy hearing bands similar to Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine and such surely the type of music is also isn't that different, so if you guys are into this such of music than it would fun to hear it.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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