Guitar Heroes Remembers Ronnie James Dio

As many music lovers know last Sunday is one of the saddest day in the music industry, especially the metal scenes as another metal hero, Ronnie James Dio, left the world. Ronnie is a very important act in the metal world as he has been involved in huge bands on the hard rock-metal scene such as, Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, DIO and Heaven & Hell. That participation that Ronnie had with those legendary bands surely made his name close in many music fans and also musicians heart, including some guitar virtuosos that listen to his band's songs a lot.

Surely since Sunday morning, May 16, many guitar heroes have send out their condolences to Ronnie's family and also shout out their sadness for the whole world to hear and see how important and inspirational the legendary vocalist was to the music industry. Among many guitar heroes in this whole wide world, some that vividly shown their lost of Ronnie's death online were the likes of Paul Gilbert, Kiko Loureiro, Richie Kotzen, Slash, Doug Aldrich and Rowan Robertson.

Most of those guitarist, reflects Ronnie's passing away by saying their last words for him via the Internet apart from Paul who without any words showed his condolences by putting RDJ's picture on his official site. Meanwhile, here are some of the last words from other guitarists that I managed to find:
Slash's words: "RIP Ronnie James Dio, one of the best Heavy Metal singers of all time. Ronnie died at 7:45am this morning, but his music will live for eternity"
Kiko's has longer statement for the music legend saying, "Nobody understood better than him how to sing this music style. Dio was definitely an example to all of us showing that we can perform on the stages for many years with the same energy and attitude. I send all my thoughts and condolences to the Ronnie’s family. Now I am going to play 'Don’t Talk To Strangers' to make me feel better.”
Richie also remembering Ronnie through his music: "Driving thru Virginia blasting Dio's rainbow in the dark RIP Ronnie"
Doug Aldrich looks to be on crushed mode by only stating: "RIP RJD"
Meanwhile, Rowan stated, "Thanks everyone who has sent me warmth and care. I send my deepest sympathies to all of Ronnie's closest, and to his fans the world over."

This words of condolences from guitar virtuosos surely proved on how inspirational Ronnie has been to them and the music world in general, his legendary voice will always be remembered through his songs. So long, music legend surely your legacy will live on in each and every soul of your fans, friends and fellow musicians, thank you, goodbye and RIP Ronnie James Dio.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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