Video: Steve Vai Appear At Idol Give With Mary J. Blige

Just as many probably has revealed guitar God, Steve Vai is getting together with an all star group of musicians in support of Mary J. Blige in playing a cover version of the classic hit track "Stairway To Heaven". The latest update about the all star group arrives as they performed at American Idol's special charity show Idol gives back on Wednesday, April 21 and provide a nice performance on the stage.

At the event Steve, alongside Mary and also the likes of Orianthi, Travis Barker, Randy Jackson and Ron Fair really putted out everything that they got to amuse the crowd at the show. Although in fairness the cover version of the song doesn't really sound as classic or as thrilling as the original one did by Led Zeppelin, but still Mary's idea in covering it especially with the involvement of Steve and other great musicians are something should be appreciated.

Meanwhile, in other news about Steve, the guitarist's label favored nation recently set up an interesting contest on their facebook page where the winner will have the chance to get the guitar maestro's latest Ibanez JEM 77 floral pattern prototype. Off course there are some conditions that you should read and agree first before deciding to join it, but it is pretty simple as all you need is to put out a question for the former Whitesnake guitarist on Favored Nations' FB and Steve himself will pick which questioned he likes the most as the winner. However remember to follow the contest you should first join the Favored Nations' FB first.

Here is some videos of Steve Vai's supporting Mary J. Blige covering "Stairway To Heaven":

Vai and all star cast at Idol Gives Back:

Vai and all star cast preparation and behind the scenes of "Stairway To Heaven" recording:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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