Video: Richie Kotzen Funny Video Playing The Weight

Guitar virtuoso Richie Kotzen share some exciting stuff for his fans, showing a funny clip he made with a friend which sees RK singing a song called "The Weight" with his friend playing the guitar part. Richie completely being hilarious as puts on a fake teeth while singing the track, however amazingly he still sings very-very well and amazing.

Revealing about the clip which he shared on his official YouTube channel, called Headroominc, Richie said that he just wanted to show people one of the activities he's doing while not on tour or busy recording. "Often times I am asked what I do when I'm not on tour or recording... here is an example. My friend Bret and I did a version of 'The Weight' live from the 'Office', " Richie said.

Despite it was a funny clip, nevertheless it still showcase Richie's amazing musicality and also voice, you can pretty much said that even though he was goofing around he still sings amazingly. Just check out the video below and get laugh real heard but stay your ear tune to RK's amazing bluesy voice that would still droves you away.

In other news, Richie himself is currently busy with his tour to some countries in South America, North America and also U.K. More news about the tour can be viewed at his page, keep tuning on to hear more amazing things about Richie Kotzen Here!!!!

Richie Kotzen's Funny Video:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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