Steve Lukather Named New Album "All's Well That Ends Well"

Guitar hero, Steve Lukather never stop in giving interesting stuff for his new fans such as the new title for his upcoming album which on his official site was unfold by Steve himself saying that it will be titled "All's Well That Ends Well". The guitarist also stated that he came up with the idea during his travel to Holland saying, " "People keep asking... MY record will come out in the fall 2010 worldwide. It's called "All's well that ends well". It came up in Amsterdam, where else! Hahaha"

Surely it would be interesting in hearing to the guitar master's new record as all this time Luke has been very much busy doing and working stuffs with his friends, and also performing solo tour all around the world. However, just as the guitarist said, he is working hard on the new album and will release it this fall, not to mention with the latest updates he always provides via his official site, the new album seems to be something that worth waiting.

Luke himself have already stated that his new tunes are amazing and will truly make amaze music and guitar fans. "The new tunes are AMAZING. I have THE best tune I have ever co-written or been involved with. It is gonna kill you all. I thought I had the Epic piece? NOW I have the Epic piece. It is the ultimate broken heart song... Pink Floyd meets Weather Report meets Jeff Beck, but HEAVY with huge orchestration and gorgeous guitar stuff. I am stoked. The record is really coming along," Luke said.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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