Lick Library to Present Guthrie Govan Live Webcast

An interesting news arrives from LickLibrary camp as they announce that they will be bringing guitar virtuoso Guthrie Govan live on-line to guitar heads via their Lick Library webcast program. Guthrie will be appearing at the webcast on May 6 at this time 9.00 (BST), 11.00 USA-PST, or 14.00 USA-EST.

Guitar heads won't only be seeing Guthrie playing some of his amazing guitar skills but also get the chance to do an interactive section with the guitar maestro such as asking questions. Don't really know how would LickLibrary going to put things in order for all of the viewers that will participate, but still it will be a massive opportunity especially for people around the world that wanted to see Guthrie's amazing playing

Guthrie surely is one of the most exciting players to watch this days, his unique and amazing style has really amazed me, surely he got that combination of Jazz, Fusion-Shred kind of style that really hook many guitar heads. Well probably if you're looking for some lovely simple ala Satch kind of sweet solo's you probably won't find it in the UK guitarist but he surely put out some progressive kind of playing that will surely wow you.

Well, if you want to join just log on to this link and register there for free. It's free of charge and the chance to interact with one of the coolest guitar virtuoso this past few years, you should not miss it, however it would really advise that you check on the time if you're outside U.S. as it may have a very huge time difference.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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