The Great Kat The Chick That Shred Beethoven's Songs

Just got the chance to tell you guys about this interesting guitar goddess called The Great Kat, who has just been noted as the fastest female guitar player in the metal guitar world. Kat's latest outing which is a DVD titled "Beethoven's Guitar Shred" really shows her amazing speed and graceful guitar playing abilities as well,the great reviews coming from notable guitar magazines are surely proves on her quality.

Describing on what and how she practices her amazing shred version of classical pieces, Kat said in an interview with Guitar Player Brazil magazine, stating "The guitar is an instrument that allows virtuosity, as well as the violin. I Transcribed note for note complex violin solos and orchestrations for 'shred' guitar in a metal band. Beethoven was a brilliant pianist, and he also played violin and viola. His main brilliant characteristic was his genius and virtuoso complicated contrapuntal orchestrations. In my new DVD, I recorded a version of the 5th Symphony." She also added, "The most difficult part was editing all parts so that they were smooth, polished and well tailored to each transition. I had to master this material at the incredible speed of 390 bpm for various parts of guitar and violin."

To get more view about the amazing guitarist just check out her website at http://www.greatkat.com/, which offers all of the latest news about her and her latest music works. Meanwhile, if you want to get your hand on her latest DVD the amazing "Beethoven's Guitar Shred" just check em out at http://www.greatkat.com/dvd/dvd.html you'll be sure to have a fun time hearing that amazing tracks from the guitar virtuoso.

The Great Kat herself was actually a violin master that graduate from the famous Julliard Music School that turned her attention into guitar playing and just play it as good as she plays the violin. Her speed has receive a wide world acknowledgment from many guitar magazines such as Guitar One, Classic Rock, Guitar World and many more, to check out some of her videos and licks just go to her official YouTube site.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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