Steve Vai Unveils New Ibanez JEM's Floral Pattern

Steve Vai's Ibanez JEM has been widely known for it's unique floral design pattern that mostly being used in the guitar's fret board and body, now it seems that Steve doesn't want change that tradition as he unveils another new floral pattern for his JEM 77. According to the guitar legend's official MySpace page, the new pattern is the second one for the JEM 77 and the unveiling itself was being done at the MusicMesse in Frankfurt Germany.

From what I've seen the new pattern for the JEM 77 is indeed a very funky thing as it has that sort of that cartoon floral picture on the body that looked similar to the pattern on his album. Aside from the floral pic on the guitar body, there's also the classic flower accent on the finger board, pretty much the same as any of Steve's JEM model.

Detailing about the parts of the new JEM 77, Steve via his MySpace page explained it in this sentences: "The guitar features a 5pc maple and walnut neck with a rosewood fingerboard, and vine neck inlay with red accents to match the body design. The neck pickup is a DiMarzio® Evolution® DP158, middle pickup is a DiMarzio® Evolution® DPS1 and the bridge pickup is a DiMarzio® Evo2™. Hardware is chrome and the bridge is an Ibanez Edge."

Surely the new guitar will definitely be something that interest lots of guitar heads or Steve's fans, as not only it being completed with amazing hardware and gear, but the funky design would definitely catch many people in the eye. I do feel that the Ibanez JEMFP2 could attract many admirers as long as the price suits them off course, anyway more info about the guitar can be checked out at Ibanez's official site

written by Dewa Nugraha

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