John Petrucci To Take Part On Guitar Workshop Plus

An exciting news for all guitar heads living in Canada as the latest confirmation stated that another guitar hero is set to join the star studded music workshop event, and that guitarist is Dream Theater's John Petrucci. The news was revealed on Blabbermouth, stating aside from John, there are also other guitar and bass heroes that will perform at the event, they are Andy Timmons, Tony Macalpine, Greg Howe, Stuart Hamm, Dave Martone and many more.

Those amazing line up certainly will attract lots of guitar maniacs to attend the event as those performers mentioned above are masters at what they are playing. However, despite the amazing act line up off course they wont be giving workshop at the same time, as the Guitar Workshop plus has already set up the schedule for the musicians.
According to the list John will be playing at Appleby College in Oakville, Ontario on July 18 - July 23 (the first session of the event). Meanwhile Andy and Tony are being scheduled to do a workshop on July 25-30 at the same venue as John is, as for Greg, Stu and Dave the three will be performing at the Quest University in Squamish, B.C.: August 8 - August 13. More info about the schedule, other performers and also admission to attend the event can be viewed at this site

Back on the news about John, aside from preparing to do the workshop, the guitar virtuoso also has a hectic schedule as he needs to be ready to get on tour with his bandmates as Dream Theater have an important tour coming up. The progressive metal act is being set to go on the road alongside metal legend Iron Maiden, where they will be touring in all across the North America, starting from from June 9 through July 20.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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