Guitar Video: Jeff Loomis New Guitar Lesson Teaser

A new guitar lesson that will surely bring an excitement to many guitar heads is about to be released soon, the new DVD is Jeff Loomis' guitar lesson titled "Extreme Lead Guitar". The upcoming DVD is being set for a pre-sale on April 15 and as a promo bid, Rock House Method streamed a teaser video that will attract many guitar fans out there.

From the teaser clip we can see some footage from the making of the DVD lesson and also the features being offered from the new DVD, such as over 40 lessons given, Live performance clips, guitar tab bonus and many more. From the teaser, I can say that, Jeff's upcoming DVD looked to be a promising stuff that would really be more than fun for young guitarist to check out and learn.

Aside from the DVD teaser, there is also a cool lesson clip that you can see below, that clip is an arpeggio lick of Jeff's "Miles of Machine". The arpeggio lick is indeed very very cool and unique, certainly something arpeggio meister would really love in learning and doing.

So here it is just check out videos from the Nevermore guitarist's Jeff Loomis:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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