Chris Broderick Reveals Jason Becker and Marty Friedman As Guitar Influences

Megadeth's guitarist Chris Broderick reveal some interesting fact about guitars and the guitar players that has influenced him over the years in a recent interview he did with Bay Area Metal Scene. On the interview, Chris revealed the names of guitar players that have been his influence until this date and they are Jason Becker, Dimebag Darrell and Marty Friedman.

Revealing on Jason and Dimebag's influence on him, Chris revealed that he recently did some stuff that was influenced by the two guitarists, which is doing some cool things with the tremolo bar. "The tremolo-bar work that I did was really more my own, although definitely influenced by Dimebag and Jason Becker and all of the old Shrapnel [records] shredders like that," Chris said.

Meanwhile, revealing about having Marty as one of his favorite and influential guitar players, Chris stated that it all happened after he heard Dragon's Kiss played by Marty and Jason. Stating his praise over the former Megadeth and Cacophony axeman, Chris said, "When you listen to Marty, he has such a unique sound. The generalized term for it is that Middle Eastern or Eastern sound, and as soon as you hear one of his solos you say, "Oh, that's Marty!" That's one of the best things that any player or soloist can have is their own sound and their own style, and that's one thing that really influenced me."

Aside from sharing things about his favorite players, Chris also give some good advices to young guitarist on how they should behave and what they should do to be a great player. "you should develop your own sound and style and develop as an individual. You're making a statement with your instrument. I think the best thing you can do is enjoy what you're doing because you'll learn better and you'll learn more and you'll be happy doing it," Chris said adding. "Just hearing more, to tell you the truth. When I listen to things I pick-up more detail now than I used to, and I think that'll be the same case in a few years from now."

written by Dewa Nugraha


  1. In my opinion Broderick doesn't really have a style though, It's good that he respects Marty like that well done. But Chris is very generic shred who just happens to be good at playing the old Megadeth stuff.

    Dave, Marty, Nick and Junior <<<< Nuff said

  2. thats the same for me,he owns any solo as the original but hes god playing other people stuff.hes band act of defiance doesnt say much on guitar and style talking.


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