Videos: Kiko Lourerio at Namm 2010

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Here is some cool videos that I recently have just bump into, it's not a new stuff but still is it is something that I haven't had the time to share with you guys on this site. The clips are exclusive footage of Kiko loureiro's performance at NAMM last January, which was recorded and streamed by Kristin via her official YouTube channel

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There are three cool videos of Kiko's performing his songs and rocking out the NAMM stage and wowing the audience off course. Some of the renown classic track from the Angra guitarist that he played on the event were No Gravity and Dilemma, there are also other tracks that will surely blows your mind off.

Meanwhile, regarding the latest news from the guitar virtuoso, Kiko recently has just finished making a new guitar lesson DVD for Rock House. The DVD gives a showcase of how amazing Kiko is as he explained about creative fusion on how we applied fusion chords in playing rock music.

in other news, Kiko himself at the moment is busy preparing and recording his band Angra's new album as the latest report stated that they have already started the recording process. The news itself was being revealed by the Brazilian metal-act's bass player Felipe Andreoli.

Videos of Kiko at NAMM 2010:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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