Video: Steve Vai's JEM Design Contest

As many people might have known, guitar legend Steve Vai and Ibanez guitars are creating a contest which prize is winning a special Ibanez JEM series. The contest, which is being held to celebrate Vai's JEM' selling that recently reached the 77, 777 numbers, is a designing contest where the contestants are being given the opportunity to create their own style of Ibanez JEM.

Having the chance to get a design being used for a respectable and renown guitar signature series like JEM already is something huge, but the most cool thing is the fact that the guitars for the special contest will only be produced for Vai and the winner itself. Yup, it will be a very-very special indeed for the winner as he will be winning a truly rare guitar products from Ibanez.

So, if you are interested to take your chance, just log in to Ibanez's site and follow all of the instruction required but don't forget to have fun. The contest is already on and set to end on June 6th 2010, one contestant is also allowed to make three entries, so go and have fun designing folks.

In other news, Steve himself currently is also busy doing lots of music projects such as helping out Mary J. Blige in recording a new version of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven", dropping out music on his Vai Tunes and off course recording his new album that he will be working until May. Not only that, the guitar legend also stated that after working on his new album, sometimes in May he will be changing his focus on composing music for a symphony project that will be staged in Holland this October. So there are so many cool things that the master is preparing this year, better stay tune and wait up for all those crazy stuffs from Steve Vai guys!!

Here is a Video of Steve Vai promoting the Ibanez JEM design contest:

Ibanez PGM100RE Paul Gilbert 20th Anniversary Electric Guitar

written by Dewa Nugraha

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