Video: Alexi Laiho Talks Music Writting, Tour and Bon Jovi

Just running into a cool new video streamed by Guitar World which showed Metal guitarist Alexi Laiho, talking and discussing with his endorsement ESP guitars representatives. There are some interesting stuffs being shared by Laiho on that interview as he tells ESP guitars the creative of he and his band mates writing process and about touring.

On the interview, Laiho revealed that he usually always had written everything before getting into the studio and rehears with his band mates. In which they will usually adds few more things with the music arrangement during the rehearsal just to make things much better off course.

Aside from that through the interview Laiho also reveals some exciting things such as about what he thinks about the crowd on Children of Bodom's concerts, about his love of playing solo guitar and about Bon Jovi. Speaking about the fans, the guitarist stated that the Canadian fans are likely the coolest as he feels that they just combine the best out of European and U.S. fans.

About solo guitar, Laiho revealed that he is relief that it has been inducted again in rock music as many band has once again put lots of cool solos as part of rock n roll and metal music. Meanwhile, another cool thing is the fact that he use to listen to Bon Jovi CD's during his spare time in concert, as he would play blazing and shredding solo's throughout those songs. Well, it is really something isn't? as I haven't really manage to imagine Laiho performing live with Bon Jovi, that would be a pretty interesting show to watch

Here is the video of Alexi Laiho Interview with ESP guitars:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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