Steve Vai Joined All Star Cast For a Secret Recording Session

A special stuff has just happened on Tuesday night at Capitol Records studio recording A as a bunch of well known musicians including guitar legend Steve Vai was doing a special stuff there. Vai alongside fellow guitarist Orianthi, Travis Barker (drums), Randy Jackson (bass), Ron Fair (piano) and singer Mary J. Blige according to the L.A. Times Music Blog were recording a special cover of classic hit rock song "Stairway To Heaven", by Led Zeppelin.

The recording process for the legendary song is said to be used for Mary's upcoming new 10th studio album which will be released later this year. Despite news about this recording session and the song that was being cut, there hasn't actually been any further details regarding the singer's upcoming record, whether it is the official date, the type of album although at least the song will make people sees the rock side of Blige.

Despite being known as a soul music queen Mary J. Blige hasn't had much trouble in taking down the classic tune, as through her confession the singer stated that she is actually a long time rock fans. Confirming her passion for rock music, Mary said, "What people don't know about me is I've been a rock 'n' roll fan for years. I loved soft rock as a child. I'm full of this stuff, naturally."

This project is surely something special, to bad I haven't managed to get some comment from Steve as there seems to be nothing special that he commented about the recording as the news source didn't publish any quote from the guitar God. Nevertheless, this special recording is surely something exciting to check out as hearing the guitar legend combines with Randy and Travis, off course there's also Orianthi and Mary would really something I never really imagine before.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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