Ron Thal Talks About Chinese Democracy and GN'R

Just as many people have shared and talked, the new Guns N' Roses album and line-up arouse some controversy, especially for some die hard fans that always trying to compare it with the previous GN'R records with the original line up. In order to give his insight regarding the controversy, GN'R's new guitarist Ron Thal (Bumblefoot) talked it all out in an interview with Ultimate-Guitar.

From what, I've read from the Interview Ron do shout out lots of interesting explanation and great comments regarding "Chinese Democracy" and also about some fans opinion that the new Guns N' Roses formation looks more like Axl's side project compare the the original line up band. Speaking about his thought on the band's latest album, he said, "To me, "Chinese Democracy" isn't your typical album where you write it, record it, release it, promote it, and tour. This is a totally different creature, and I think a lot of people needed a minute to realize that for it to sink in, and to stop trying to fit it into the mould of a typical album because it's not a typical album. It's so much more experimental, and it's just a totally different thing. To me, "Chinese Democracy" is "The White Album" for GN'R, in a way."

Meanwhile, about the opinion on the new GN'R line-up, Ron stated that people are being to overworked with their own ideas of hoping the band to reunite, the fact that the current line-up is still a worth watching and hearing stuffs enough to make the guitar hero said that it still is Guns N Roses for him. "There's bigger problems in the world than what a band is calling itself. Jesus, it's fucking rock 'n' roll. We're just going out there, playing, and having a good time. Call it GN'R and enjoy it, that's all. That's my suggestion if the name's really a problem for anyone — if you wanna listen to GUNS N' ROSES, put on the "Appetite" album, be happy, and if you wanna listen to GN'R, put on "Chinese Democracy" and come to a show," Ron said.

Well, it's such a badass answer from Ron, although I somehow find that he is just being honest with what he was saying to people. Another interesting statement coming from Bumblefoot is his opinion in working with Axl Rose, which he said was not as hard as many said. "It's like working with anyone else — it's fine. It's just normal, at least to me. It's just pretty normal, and the funny thing is if I say something positive, the response to that from the sceptics is "Oh, he's getting paid to say that," Ron stated.

To read the complete Interview, just log in to Ultimate-Guitar site, including reading the interesting statement or probably a neat quote from Ron that said: "it's only entertainment, and people believe what entertains them the most. Truth is irrelevant; I can tell the truth, and if it's not entertaining enough, people will call you a liar."

written by Dewa Nugraha

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