Orianthi Wants More Female Guitarists

Orianthi has suddenly become an popular figure in the music world and also in the guitar especially after her participation as Michael Jackson's guitarist on his supposedly scheduled world tour. Not only that here recent collaboration with Steve Vai has also caught the attention of many guitar heads, making the rock chick a new female guitar icon.

Knowing the fact that she has such a influence this days, Orianthi set a new personal goal outside of her musical projects, which is hoping to inspire more guitar players especially female guitarist to show up. Stating her wish, the guitar chick reveals it to Spinner, saying "I want to inspire a lot more guitar players, especially girls to keep at it, to want to pick it up because it's a lot of fun, There aren't too many female guitar players out there. If you love it as much as the guys do then just keep at it.

Well, it doesn't really take long for her as actually nowadays after her popularity, she has been getting lots of notes, messages from fans and young aspiring musicians saying how she inspired them and wanted to be like her. "That's really awesome, getting messages like that. I'm at NAMM right now and having my PRS [Paul Reid Smith guitar] model come out, a lot of kids have written to me on Twitter and said, 'We want to get your guitar and be able to learn your stuff'" She said.

Moreover, Orianthi also notice that having a gig with the late and legendary king of Pop really did nothing but a great thing for her musical career as up til today she still gets message from MJ's fans that were inspired by her. Confirming this she said, "I get a lot of e-mails from his fans that have seen the movie or hear my stuff and they want to play guitar too, so that means a lot."

Best of luck for Orianthi in her music career and may her new goal in insipiring more girls to play guitar can be fulfilled to, music has always been a universal language after all, men and women all can just rockin out with their guitars!!

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written by Dewa Nugraha

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