Orange Amps Unleashed Rockerverb II

Renown amps company Orange Amps are set to take on the music world by storm as they have just introduce a new amplifier model to the public called the Rockerverb II. The new stuff is said to be build from the basic idea of the classic Rockerverb with the addition of few special improvements in certain areas.

Aiming to give something special that can really shock the music world, the company provides more details about the new amps. Here is the explanation:

The New Rockerverb II series includes the following new specifications and changes:

- Enhanced valve F/X loop offering a totally transparent sound

- Improved reverb tone which delivers an unforgettable sound across all levels

- New middle control on the clean channel

- Re-designed combo’s with new front mounted controls

- Range now includes new Rockerverb 50 watt 1x12 model with new spec 2xEL34 valves

Moreover the company also revealed that the new amp model is being created in a special way as they ensured that all models are being built using tested top quality components . Here is what the company describes about the components for the new amp, "
From Chiming tube driven reverbs to sparkling tube driven effects loops and ultra high gain distortions these are rightly regarded as the most versatile guitar amps on the market delivering some of the purest guitar tones in the business."

Some of the models for the amps such as The Rockerverb 50 head, Rockerverb 100 head and Rockerverb 50 (2x12 and 1x12) combo’s are said to be dropped in March this year. To get more details about this new product music fans can just check them out at the company's official site or mail at USA info@orangeusa.com or outside USA info@omec.com

written by
Dewa Nugraha

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