Joe Bonamassa's "Black Rock" Available for Pre Order!!

Blues guitar hero, Joe Bonamassa never seems to take a break from his musical venture as after dropping "The Ballad of John Henry" in 2009, this year exactly on March 23, 2010, Joe is set to drop another new record titled "Black Rock". Although the new record hasn't officially hit stores as just yet, fans can already reserved their order to get their hands on the album right on time by checking out this official link.

The pre-order link is an exclusive co-operation between Guitar Legends blog with Joe Bonamassa that has been going for some time now, starting from his 2008 record, "Live From Nowhere In Particular". As always, the by getting the new album via pre-order, you can the usual bonus and special thing given by Joe which is a free shipping & handling, which in all will only cost you about $13,99.

Aside from having the chance to pre-order Joe's "Black Rock", the blues guitar hero also share a special opportunity for his fans all around the world to join him at his new album's listening party which will be held on March 6th at 3 P.M Eastern Standard Time. Joe will be sharing the event via live streaming through UStream Live at that time, so if you are interested in getting to Joe's "Black Rock" party just check out all of the info at this site.

Aside for the new album another latest news coming from the guitar hero is regarding his tour schedule, as via his official news letter, Joe updated some more shows that he will be doing this year. His current schedule seems made to support the new album's promo as it will start on March 3 at McDonald Theatre, Euene, Or and ends on March 9 at the Craterian Ginger Rogers Theatre in Medford, OR.

Pre-orded Joe Bonamassa's new record "Black Rock" now!!

written by Dewa Nugraha

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