Is Josh Klinghoffer RHCP's New Guitarist?

Quite frankly I have to be out of this music scenes for some time as I didn't really know that Red Hot Chili Pepper have once again part ways with John Frusciante, until recently I read the news on MusicRadar that not only John has left the band but RCHP already have a replacement for him. According to what I read, Josh Klinghoffer is being touted as the new guitarist for Red Hot as he already play with them at the MusicCares Person Of The Year dinner honoring Neil Young on January 29 in Los Angeles.

However, just as Music Radar stated, there hasn't been any official statement from RHCP regarding this news, or even on John's departure although via his official blog, Frusciante did hinted that he is quitting the band once again. Stating his reason this time around, the 39-years-old guitarist said that it was purely a musical aspect saying, "But this time it was about making a different kind of music, alone, and being my own engineer."

Well, that sums it all, John obviously leaving, but whether Klinghoffer is his permanent replacement or he is just a session player the band temporary using before getting a real replacement?! Well that would be down to the band to answer it as we can only wait. But the fact that Josh has been working with the band as their second guitarist for a while now and reportedly is involved in the band's work for their new album, I can only say that the 30-years-old axeman is indeed the best candidate to take over from Frusciante.

For some of music fans or RHCP devotees that hasn't know much about Josh, well I can only tell you that he is not just some new cat in town, as I previously said the Los Angeles born guitarist has already worked with the band since the Stadium Arcadium tour. Not only that, before his collaboration with the funk-rock act, Klinghoffer has actually team up a few time with Frusciante, mainly working on John's solo record.

So, surely if the band is looking for a proper replacement for John than Josh would be a suitable candidates, simply because he knew them well enough to carry on Frusciante's work without much trouble. However, still is without an official confirmation as just yet, I won't be confirming anything here as the fact that Klinghoffer is known as a session artist that help lots of bands and musicians may provide the fact that he is not that keen on a "long term spell" with any kind of band apart from probably, his own project band.

Video of Josh Klinghoffer performing with RHCP at MusiCares on January 29:

Written by Dewa Nugraha

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