Videos: Slash at NAMM 2010

Former Guns 'N Roses guitarist, Slash appeared at this year's winter NAMM 2010 and was caught by Harmony Central's people and being asked to share the story about his relationship with Marshall Amps. To the interviewer, the renown guitarist reveal the story on what made him got into Marshall at the first place, which you can see for yourself below.

Not only sharing about his thing with Marshall, on the interview the guitar master also reveal things about his upcoming projects, on which he explain the details about his new album which is finished and set to be dropped in April. Moreover, regarding the upcoming new record, Slash also said that he is currently gearing up to do all the things needed for the promotion of the new album such as setting up tour, getting the record deal done and other marketing stuffs.

Aside from that, another interesting that Slash also did a special thing at NAMM which is announcing his new Marshall amps design with Marshall which is called the Marshall AFD 100. According to Slash himself the AFD 100 was made based on the sound that he manage to put out on G'NR's "Appetite For Destruction" record, which many people really wanted to try out after the record comes out.

As many people probably knew that the sound that Slash did for the album has become something that lots of people especially young guitarist want to imitate for some years. Now, it seems that the Marshall guys along with the guitar master himself is trying to make it easy for guitar heads that really wanted to copy the sound or at least making it as their basic raw sound for their guitar playing.
Videos of Slash at NAMM 2010:
Slah's Interview with Harmony Central:

Slash's Press Conference:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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