Videos: Richie Kotzen at Namm and Guitar Tour 2010

Richie Kotzen has previously announced that he is preparing to go for another tour in April, just before enjoying clips from his upcoming performances, I managed to find some cool videos of Richie recently. The first one is his performance at NAMM 2010, which is something that many guitar fans have been searching and another one is the latest video of the maestro made by Guitar World.

Both videos are exceptionally cool and awesome, the Live performance that he did at NAMM was clips of his private show at the event, where he played for a new acoustic guitar company LAG Guitars. The video will give you chance to see and hear Richie's amazing live acoustic performance especially his bluesy and soulful voice, for you information the ex Poison and Mr. Big guitarist played LAG Guitars, Tramontane guitar model.

Meanwhile, the second clip is something that surely many guitar heads especially Richie's fans would really like to see, which is a clip where the guitar master show and explained all the details about his gears. On the clip, RK, give all the details needed about his awesome Fender Telecaster series, his new ZOOM pedal, and off course his amps oh he definitely played some crazy shredding stuffs as always.

Here is the videos:

Richie Kotzen Live at NAMM 2010:

Richie Kotzen Guitar and Gears Tour:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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