Video: Orianthi feat Steve Vai "Highly Strung"

Just running in to this totally kicked new music video of Orianthi featuring Steve Vai which has been premiered on the net, and I can say it is one hell of an eye-catching guitar video to watch, especially for you guitar heads. It's a long time since, I personally sees a guitar instrument music being made an official clip and Orianthi, who is also the late Michael Jackson's latest guitarist just does this thirst quencher for me.

The clip is actually being set in a pretty simple concept as it shows the two guitarist playing the songs in front of a plain white background with the addition of huge amps. Off course with Steve on, the video always looked cool as he does that stylish pose in playing that well, most of guitar heads always sees from his live performance.

Honestly, I have only knew about Orianthi and from what I see, she is one hell of a guitarist, her stroke is strong, the tone is good just simply cool, although I would pretty much need to see her live first to give more judgment. However, seeing and hearing "Highly Strung" which she work with Steve, it's surely that she has an awesome quality as the harmony of the track is very-very good.

From the making of video of "Highly Strung", I kinda see that Steve is also enjoying a lot working with Orianthi, as he has that excited look on his face during the video making and enjoying it a lot. Overall, I think the track is a great one and the video makes it more fun to check out, really gives me the will to check out more tracks from the chick guitarist.

Here is the making of "Highly Strung":

Here is the Official music video for Orianthi feat Steve Vai "Highly Strung":

written by Dewa Nugraha

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