Video: New Kiko Loureiro Guitar Lesson

Metal act, Angra's axeman, Kiko Loureiro have a special treat for guitar heads all around the globe as he has a new guitar lesson video that's really interesting for aspiring guitarist. On the video that was done by TheRockHouse, Kiko will be explaining and giving a cool method about transitioning from rock to playing fusion by using Lydian modes.

The full lesson is being packaged on a 2 DVD format with about 2 hour of exclusive and cool guitar tips and tricks from Kiko. This is surely an awesome thing for guitar players, especially if you looked at the teaser video below, the lesson looked to be a great one, oh to get your hand on this cool guitar lesson just checked them out at www.musiciansfriend.com or www.RockHouseMethod.com.

Personally I like Kiko's playing a lot, he is one of the metal guitarist that plays a cool fusion stuffs yet still have the spirit and rocking character in his playing. Not only that from what I see in the teaser, the lesson that the Brazilian born guitarist is a unique and inspiring stuffs, practicing and using modes is always a lesson that many young guitar players have problems understanding it.

about the DVD lesson, here is what the company has to offer from Kiko's stuff:
"Kiko's two-DVD set, "Creative Fusion: Beyond Power Chords & Pentatonics", contains over two hours of lessons in which he shows rock players how to incorporate fusion elements into their playing and helps them expand their guitar vocabury by understanding new concepts."

Kiko's Video Lesson Teaser clip:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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